The gut feeling

Not only psychics can see further on to the future, sometimes the gut feel works better than the tarot cards or any divination tool. How is that? We are light beings, energy embodiments that interact with each other like the same voltage energy in an electric socket. The moment that we increase or reduce our voltage, the others notice. Even if you raise it too much there can be a bit of a “shocking” event, pun intended. In our every day, our energy interests others, and because we care. we have so much energy connected to those around you. You can develop… wait for it… The Gut Feeling… It is no surprise for the readers and seers that, we cannot match the feelings of the connection between two strangers, although we attempt to generate as much energy to match it and get the answers everyone wants or the answers needed. Readers are not perfect! We go through a lot and channeling energy is not something that you just happen to learn over night, we are burned with the ability, but we must work it to make it work.

Sometimes the interactions with others allow us and I mean us all in general, to perceive possible outcomes to different situations, this is the gut feeling. It does not mean you are a witch or a psychic, just we’re able to perceive it with anticipation. This falls under one of the knowledge of the divine and cosmic that proves that we are made out of energy and we have the ability to give and take energy. This is the principal of every religion in different ways.

We all receive and give energy, this energy can heal, can soothe, can hurt. Yeah it all goes both ways and that is one of the main reasons for this blog. Educate and teach to be careful on what are your intentions of others. Sometimes we can hurt or trample the future of others with our energy. Have you ever known something that you feel, strongly feel and say: “I won’t say nothing cause that person needs to find out on their own” that is the gut feeling speaking. If you break that and end up saying it, there is a chance that it won’t happen or it will change the perspective. The person won’t learn a thing. This is why sometimes is best just to stay with our knowledge and use it to our advantage. Some call it intuition, I call it that too, because in a way or another it is a form of intuition. You are connected energetically with a person and just know stuff. Also these things shouldn’t be abused, Everything has a price and in the cosmic universe this is one of the biggest laws. Everything has a consequence and is up to us to decide what we say and how we say it. Make sure you stay to yourself and work towards a better understanding of your own capabilities, meditate on what you do and what you shouldn’t do, it might save you from a problem. Thousand blessings to you and yours. Enjoy life and it’s perks and enjoy the holidays. Follow your gut and stay out of trouble.

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