Drifting away

It isin’t easy to set habits. Some say that it takes 21 days to set an habit, I say it takes more. Perhaps each one of us is way to different to determine a day to exactly say “you’ve unlocked a new habit” wish there was. I will admit that I am not a very consistent person, to mention one of my few habits are breathing and blinking and I am already running out of ideas on what other constant disciplined habits I have. I know I am not the only one, if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those free spirits that are not bound by nothing, at least I try to cheer me up saying that. You might think I like it, but this process of rehabilitation is not an easy one. I set myself simple tasks to do every day, but the hours and tasks end up incomplete, undone of halfway done.

When we set up habit we cannot stray or drift away from what we want. Yes, the one “free spirit” said it. But this applies to me as well. Life although is free willing, we all must set rules and a bid restrictions. Running around clueless to what we do will drif us away from our goals. Not unless you’ve given up hope and there are no goals for you, you must strive for something. If you have given up on life and it’s goals I urge you to look for ways to help yourself. No one will help you unless you seek it. The first step into rehabilitation to a healthy life is to accept a fault. I may have many and I am slowly working on them. Currently slacking on my steps to wellness due to inconsistency, which I am trying to regain, and reason why I am writing this blog to remind me and everyone else. PSSST you got a goal to reach get to work so you can reach it. Work for your future and later lean back a bit and enjoy the fruits of your labor and sacrifice.

You guys have no idea the help that gives me to write about these small matters that are crucial in the development of successful rehabilitation. I’ve read several books, I’ve read blogs and watched videos on YouTube to learn from meditation to learn how to create habits. 32 years old and I am clueless about these matters that may be normal and basic for some, but me… Not that much. I urge you to get back on track, I implore you to not stop your progress to success just because you are not seeing immediate results. Things take time and since we are all different it may take a bit longer in some cases, it does not mean it won’t work. Give it some more time, let’s say 2 more weeks??you can do it!!

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