Our happiness.

There are moments in our life, that we hit rock bottom. The life that we envisioned was shattered by reality or other factors. Many say: “just get up and learn from it”. What about when we invested time, work, tears, and/or money into something or someone that just does not value it?. We, light beings, endure so much hatred just because we don’t want to change what we have. We got all too comfortable in a position that is not of our liking. The fear of starting up from the bottom, the fear of losing more than what you have so far… This is only to mention a few of the countless reasons why we linger on to something or someone. Our ideas of happiness begin with what makes us smile, what makes up feel loved what makes up invest time into things. Happiness is the emotion of joy that balances everything just a gesture can change an entire atmosphere or conversation.

Not everyone shares happiness the same way, happiness can go from a gesture to words and even actions like sex. Now during the holidays, happiness spikes in many people and they become overly excessively happy over Christmas or Yule or any religion that celebrates around these times. Not saying that is bad, on the contrary, it is really good. Positive energy going full throttle ahead. Now, what happens when we stray away from what make us happy? We dim, the light the shines within us fades and life becomes a prison. You become a prisoner of your choices and refuse to let go of those choices just because you are afraid of starting over.

I’ll give you some news flash life is about what you do when you are down looking at your options and make a decision. You cannot wait until your happiness fade away because you don’t want to start again. Life has so much to give us and we as humans learn more and more with every experience. Embrace the gift that we have and enjoy your happiness seek it strive to get it. Never be afraid to claim it. It is yours to begin with, you just have to make the decision to fight for it. As long as you’re breathing there is a change. Plan it, organize it. Make it yours! I know you can do it.

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