Inhale in… and Exhale…

Since the moment we are born our lungs work by themselves, to breathe. It is the body’s mechanism to make all the organs work properly. Breathing brings oxygen to our blood to allow our heart to be healthy. I won’t go to deep in the anatomical, I am not that knowledgable in that part of the subject. Although the important part is already stated, our body needs to breathe to survive. This is common knowledge to everyone, but what happens when our brain stresses so much that our lungs compress to the point of passing out and needed oxygen. How come our brain “malfunction” to the point that we could die? These events happen so often that we sometimes undermine them or get concerned.

Our lungs go through different stressors when we dive underwater, when we run or when we are climbing or flying thousands of feet from the ground. Although these stressors our lungs can endure them, even create a resistance to a certain degree. What about the stressors of fear or anxiety? There is medicine for asthma and some lung diseases. But why does our breathing cuts short in the middle of a very stressful situation or when we have a panic attack? Our brain works based on what it sees feels smells and touch. Sometimes the shock petrifies you and can’t move. Sometimes you can do things that normally you couldn’t. This is adrenaline sometimes is not used completely and stays unused. But your body is still energized and ready to go through a lot. The problem is that you are not. What do you do with this adrenaline? you get anxious, you get the panic attacks.

Even so, with our global new reality, the covid-19 makes things a lot harder to breathe with the masks. But we can see through this together, we can overcome this disease by maintaining social distance and continuously washing our hands.

what you do during a panic attack?. First, it’s all in the head. You must control your thoughts and take deep breaths to normalize the oxygen that goes to the brain. Your brain is not getting enough and is panicking. Look for an open space or somewhere where you can relax and feel safe. Breathe in and out and close your eyes and try to empty your mind. There are some exercises that you could do to calm down.

  • Natural stabilization. If you can take your shoes off. Lean back on a chair and place your hands on your stomach. Put your feet on the ground or floor close goor eyes and inhale deep… Then exhale while your eyes close say these affirmations. Inhale deep and say… “I AM OK”exhale… Inhale deep… ” I AM SAFE” exhale… Inhale deep… “NOTHING OR NOONE WILL HARM ME” Exhale… Inhale deep… “I CAN MANAGE THE HARD TIMES”exhale… Inhale deep… ” I AM STRONG”exhale… Inhale deep… ” I CAN DO THIS” exhale. After this, raise your hands and take a deep breath. Return your hands to your stomach and repeat the affirmations until your calm.

In some hospitals recommend the use of a bag and breathe in and out of it, but I am not much of a fan of it. Although it works. Catching our air during a panic attack or an anxiety break down is extremely important for normalizing our body. When in doubt Inhale in… Exhale… You can do it, you are strong and most essentially, not alone. I send you a hug wherever you are.

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