Words that want to be written.

Each word that we think is not said or wrote. This is a fact that we all experience and sometimes it can become frustrating since others speak a thousand words per second. I for instance, sometimes I speak a lot, yet sometimes I feel that I am not being understood so I speak even more. You might pity those around me and believe me you should. As an aspiring writer or author or creator… Not sure yet; I build countless conversations in my head with myself just to organize, yet I end up worst than how I started for the fact that it’s too much, but you see, there are so many ways to confront or channel our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Alas this blog!

The real reason and meaning of this blog are to not just dump what is in my head into words but to help.  you might read in my author’s description. I’ve been through a journey of anxiety, depression, suicide, psychosis, and bipolarity. I am not cured, far from it, but as an empathic being I had touched base on how to deal with all those mental instabilities. One of the most important steps is to record your progress by writing how you feel and at least the closes way of how you feel. Not only when your sad or feeling weird, write when you feel happy and empowered. Write about what you did to get there, or what happened. Touching the empathic part again, I love listening and reading about others, because it’s like walking into another world. I completely understand yet the person explains it so differently. We all have almost the same instabilities but we had different ways of explaining them. It is interesting how we all can describe the feeling as you’re being admitted into a mental hospital. What comes across our head. Is it a good idea? or is it a bad idea? Should I leave? How will it go? So many questions and insecurities running five per second. How to put into words?!

You know the words arrive later, yet you don’t share them cause you cherish them. They are your ultimate weapon towards rehabilitation. Our time may be limited, but everything that we set up, everything that we have, and unique lives is not always good. Won’t say that is a la-la-land I am grateful for my last visit though. The personal, the doctors were amazing and currently I am in a strong position, stronger than 7 years ago. Wish the solution arrived earlier, yet this was all part of my growth, all part of my journey. But I write this because I would love for this process to be shorter for you. I want you to understand the process, even if you aren’t going to gain my experience in the process, to understand how to work with your loved ones who are in the process. Always be patient. This is not easy to deal with or see it. Some face this alone and there is a big risk although there are champions who had overcome it other warriors have dealt with it although they had everything.

The feeling of emptiness Is great even with people around you. It’s like they are inexistent with what is going on. Sometimes they become like this just because we don’t want to be a burden to others since it is a burden to us. Know that the feeling of emptiness is great, but it ain’t an endless void, there is always a solution. I cannot give you solutions because each person is in their world, but establish a simple routine, work on your everyday writing, listen to meditation music,meditating in emptying your mind. These are just generic examples where I can help start something, but it will not define your whole rehabilitation. I know you’re strong because you’ve reached this far reading and would like to find answers to the thousands of questions. But to bring peace of mind you need to work with yourself and what surrounds you. If you are surrounded by evil, and bad people don’t expect great things to come. Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to overcome this. Become the best version of yourself. Love yourself, you are unique and beautiful.

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