#6 The Lovers

Anit that a sweet name when we are in love? It is good to live and be reciprocated, but in the tarot, the lover’s concept broadens more to the personal level. The loves are one of the cards you want to look for when you’re looking for a yes in a question. Love is always a yes, regardless of the question. Now you ask what does love mean in the tarot besides a simple yes? It means certainty in what we believe. What do you believe in? These questions we must ask and look for their questions, this way we can know exactly where we are heading.

Is it fate? Is it destiny? Is it meant to be? Is it forever? The lovers translate it all. We all must believe in their power and ability to rise and believe in the love and desire that is within each of us. Always focus on what you want, this focus only gets reinforced by our desires, our desires are fueled by our passions and our passions are energized by our love. This is what the lovers wrap around in their symbolism. Through thick and thin, richer and misery my resolve and love will be everlasting.

Imagine, let’s make a short story. A long distant relationship, powered by trust and desire. These two love birds met a year ago on a conventional meeting of their work. Both doctors, good in their fields, but distant from social interactions and distractions. Focused on their careers until they shared chairs during the convention. Three days of constant conversations getting to know each other in between each panel. By the third day conversations and desires to keep going were mutual. They shared their numbers and continued communications between their busy schedules. No one besides them knew about the small romance slowly building. All continued until one realized that there was something different in every conversation filled with smiles, laughs, and small revolting emotions. What are we? Where is this headed? I don’t feel the same way when I speak with others this is different. The intriguing questions were running deep not only on one side, the feeling was mutual. Until the day that the conversation emerged. Feelings were shared and were mutual, but at the same time concerns emerged. The distant was significant. These two love birds were in a position where one of them had to leave everything to try out something uncertain and almost new.

The decision was mutual. They decided to visit each other for the amount necessary before making things concrete. Both have had a good share of heartbreaking stories who both shared and promised each other to be clear and respectful one to the other. Months passed and both visited each other, the feelings and emotions were unique. They sent each other gifts to show affection between them. Hard moments arrived when calls were cut short when friends invited out when they couldn’t be together to spend time with the loved ones of the other. Their goal was clear, their emotions were as well. After two years of these visits, one of them decided to leave it all. Start fresh, begin a new chapter, because love was running deep and the love meant more than other things that were still attainable with dedication. Everything was set. All came down to one more visit, but the other had no idea of what all was happening. The plan was simple. Find an apartment, then find an office outside the area where the significant other was and build again. The desire, the passion, the love… After moving and proclaiming love forever to the significant other, was rejected and confronted with a very harsh reality. Two years being lied to, but driven by love, by the desire and passion this threw a wrench to all the plans. What saved the entire situation was meticulous planning. No need for revenge, no need for any negativity. The universe always has a plan above our plans. The office doubled numbers in the new area, some old clients came around since they were able to reach although the longer trip. Love may have not worked at that moment, but other things worked better. Had a better apartment, a better neighborhood, and twice as many clients.

The lovers work in different ways it all ends in how does the reader interprets it. The more accurate, the better. Lovers aren’t always sentimental love, it also can be love for what you do. Never doubt your abilities to grow under different circumstances. Sometimes, things just might not work how you plan them, but that does not mean that other things won’t play out in your favor. We must stay optimistic and welcome all hardships with an open mind.

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