Winds of Change

There is not even one person on this planet that does not have a bad day. Yet many successful people know how to deal with these bad days. But how? “Things have been going bad for year’s and I m just rolling with it…” This is the mentality that will set you up for another bad day, cause you are already calling it. Day after day you should look up to be better. But how you ask?

  1. Be positive: Strive for better every day and the day before. Even if things don’t work out. Leave negativity aside for positive thinking. If something does not work your way laugh at it and just keep trying. You can’t allow your day to be ruin cause of this one thing or this one person that just irritates you. Change your approach and view on things. Listen and look at the possibilities that you can gain from it. Just try it.
  2. Set your goals straight: Having a clear mind of what you want in life and how you execute, it’s a vital way of getting out of a bad day. Sometimes we broaden too much our horizons and we want everything, then all hit us with our hands wide open and we didn’t have the chance to defend ourselves. We cannot do everything at the same time. Set one goal at a time. When you’re done you can judge and say if you could continue or stop. Time will tell.
  3. Be courteous to others: Occasionally, we find ourselves in the forced position to deal with some erratic energetic embodiments (crazy people) that we just don’t want to deal with them or just their attitude is all out disrespectful. Yet we must be courteous and good to them. Why? Well first because you don’t want to stoop down to their level, or act like them, otherwise who will end up with the erratic energy embodiment? Problem is that it stays with you and brings you down. You cannot allow this. Try to get away or plain and simply deal with it in the best positive manner.
  4. Keep yourself grounded: At the beginning of the day and during the day empty your mind for a few minutes. Think over your goals and desires and why you are where you are. It is important to always keep your goals straight and then you work towards them. This will keep you motivated.

The Winds of Change are always blowing in our favor in a way or another, it’s up to us if we pick them up and sail in the direction that we want. It is no secret how our lives turn suddenly and are up to us to take control of all situations. Always keeping a clear mind will bring together all situations in a better perspective. It’s all up to how we work towards our different situations.

Never forget that you’re the captain of your life and you will navigate as you please chasing the ever long horizon. Take advantage of the winds of change, I know you can do it. I’m rooting for you.

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