Our Faith

Ever since the beginning of society, we had believed in superior beings to protect us and give us faith to look forward to something better. Currently, with about 4,300 religions, we had evolved for centuries and keep looking up in the sky to see the answers to our pleas. Don’t get me wrong, I am not disregarding any religion or mean disrespect to any, I respect all religions equally. If you ask why? The answer lies at the purpose of religion, cult or movement is to give you peace of mind and faith for better future.

There is no point in arguing which is better, in the end, we all are made of energy and should be in harmony with the others. Sounds like a perfect world, but some other energies and mentalities drive us apart from what most of the religious dogmas try to have everyone understand. Love each other, even if they believe in something different. If there is hate, then you should consider a different preacher or religion. Harmonizing ones with the others, even with different perspectives, give us the wisdom to understand and comprehend why some people act or react to different situations. Our faiths hang on what we believe, even if you don’t have a religious preference. Faith is created when you believe in the power that you have as an individual to achieve a goal or have something done. This without reliying on an entity, the person is the entity. It may not be perfect, but maybe is very much confident to try again until its done.

Faith is simple but powerful. Faith is the inner strength that decides between good and bad. It it is what sets our morals and rules of life based on experiences and indoctrinations. Let’s say that it’s an organ without a physical form that boosts our spirit and circulates our energies, like a lung. Now if you ask if change of faith is possible? The answer is 50/50% why? Because of the knowledge learned!

We walk every day of our lives absorbing energy, learning, adapting to becoming more, better. Life tests us and our faith at every chance. Sometimes we think that deities will come to solve our problems and rid us of the suffering. We all must walk forward and endure and overcome our problems for ourselves. One of the greatest feats of a human is enduring suffering or achieving the goal of a hard task. Our lives, our faith strengthens itself, becomes wiser…

Bring your faith to the strongest form yet, never give up hope, never surrender when there are still alternatives. Learn to back away when it’s impossible, learn to listen to others words. You will see the difference between now and before, then you’ll be ready for later.

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